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The identification and insight of the work personality profile of workers in a corporate setting provides immense understanding about manpower planning and corporate teamwork.  Work personality that best fit a job position in the corporation may ensure a sustained dynamic character of a successful project. The PLATER Personality Clarification is constructed based upon an agentic socio-cognition that are consistent with personality theory focusing upon self-efficacy, personal agency qualities, personal goals and outcome efficiency.  The construction of the inventory also takes into consideration corporate management optimization efficiency and manpower management processes. 

The software programme provides for the user and human resource manager a readily guidance tool towards the determination of a work personality specifying on Visionary Leadership, Realistic Collegial, Doer Activist, and Principled Idealist.  Consequently, a related work personality environment quadrants specifying the Policy Governance Environment, Social Function Environment, Task Objective Environment, and Work Relationship Environment are identified.  The results of the personality clarifications are shown in a diamond shaped dimensional graph with specific descriptors as guidance for the user and the human resource managers.  A complete report is generated by the software as output for the purpose of record keeping and auditing the consistency of the workers’ work personality profiling.
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