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Work values are important elements that influence a person attitudes, behaviours, perceptions, and subsequently the quality of work in an organization.  The composite work values profile committed by the workers that readily conform towards the organization’s vision and philosophy of work would ensure a sustainable corporate success.  The awareness and understanding of individual work values would also ensure users to identify their work values that are consistently adaptable and those that need adjustments to ensure conformity with the corporate values.

The  PLATER Work Values Clarification provides the user and corporate managers with a readily applicable guidance software tool in order to identify the workers’ potential adaptability with the organization’s vision and philosophy of work.  The  Work Values Clarification is constructed based upon theories that are consistent with management optimization and personality agentic sociocognition focusing upon self-efficacy, personal agency qualities, personal goals, and outcome efficiency. Six work values classifications are identified: Purpose, Learning, Aptitude, Teamwork, Ethical Meaning, and Relationship.  The software programme provides for the user and the human resource manager a readily guidance tool towards the determination of best work practice in the work setting and for training and manpower planning.  The  PLATER Work Values Clarification software also provides bar charts and line charts as well as descriptors clarifying the work values orientation of the user.  A composite report is generated by the software as output for the purpose of record keeping and auditing of the user work values orientation in the corporation.
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