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The spectrum for the job of a counsellor is spread widely in the traditional social and educational arena.  In respective of nations of the world, counselling as a profession is part and parcel of the growing concern about welfare and social equality in the determination of the just rights that each individual has access to health care and education, and employment opportunities.  The role of the counsellor is perceived as critical caregivers in the development of communities in diverse societies.  Subsequently, education, career development, and mental health care being the core areas of counselling, the counsellors contribution also projects prominently in the current economic and political imbalances throughout nations.

The essays in Society and Counselling Practices duly captured in the various chapters addressed a repertoire of mental health and educational issues. Among them are essays on mental health conceptions with specific focus on Malaysia.  The role of counsellors in supporting children within their environment towards emerging into well-developed citizens also includes guidance on issues about learning and early awareness on career targets and decision that pave the children’s and adolescents objectives on a balanced lifestyle in the community.  The essays on technological innovations pertaining to learning depicted by the Brain Training software, and research results pertaining to learning styles and career decisions are pertinent information for counsellors.

It is upon the author’s observational research and counselling practices and the realization that over 850 years, there is a dearth of writings about the al Quran’s psychological conceptualization that could be translated into an applied counselling theoretical approach.  The author’s construction of the Cognitive Psychology ad Din is a contribution towards this end, and consequently hope that the future generation of scholars may be able to advance the theoretical and applied aspects of the Cognitive Psychology ad Din being truly universal in context of counselling practices.  The practice of counselling thrives upon research.  Research in its many forms either qualitative or quantitative in formal research designs need to be assessed in its scientific vigour to justify the results and conclusion of the research findings.  The essay on the reliability studies pertaining to the statistical errors may in fact place awareness amongst social scientist to consider intensely the remifications of research results as being accurate before affirmation of the findings being put forward as recommended policy.

The essays captured in the chapters may provide insights about the possibilities of new formulations in the approaches towards counsellng practices in the present challenging initial period of the millennium.
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